White Sky Refill Ink for HP Printer Cartridges 802, 678, 901,818,21,22,680,27,703,704,803,685,862,920,808,960 with 4 Syringes – 300ml (Compatible)

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Product Description


Refill Ink is perfect for color and monochrome Fine Art print. It can be used to refill cartridges more than 7 to 10 times easily. This is not any ordinary refill ink, specially formulated chemically mild dye ink, which does not spoil the sponge inside the cartridges.


Refill Ink

Refill ink is perfect for hassle-free refilling & offer sharp, clear, smudge free & long lasting prints. Specially formulated with high quality chemicals to offer an excellent colorful and vivid printing performance.



Refill Ink for HP Printer 802, 678, 901,818,21,22,680,27,703,704,803,685,862,920,808,960


Smooth Packaging

The item is packed in strong cardboard packaging. It keeps item safe.

How To Refill Ink







Remove the cartridge from the printer. To refill the cartridge, you require a Syringe with Needle, a sharp instrument (or thumb drill or a heated small metal nail) to enlarge the hole if needle doesn’t fit in, some napkins, gloves (optional) and INKS.Choose a safe place where you can tolerate spill.Peel off the sticker on the top of the cartridge (Both Colour and Black) (or you can remove the entire lid using a knife and later pasting it using glue)


You will find holes on the top of the cartridge. Identify the respective position of holes.

Suck required ink into syringe from the ink bottle. Around 3 -5 ML is required to fill in each colour holes and 3 ML – 15 ML in black cartridge. It Depends on your Cartridge mode,Slowly push the piston of the syringe into the hole. It should be very slow and careful. Do not overfill the sponge. Watch carefully while injecting

True Compatibility, Crisp and Sharp Printouts, Long Lasting, High Shelf Life, Anti-Clogging Mechanism, Dye Based Ink. Specially Developed in terms of Viscocity, Surface Tension, Flowability, Temperature Gradient, Density and other factors which supports multiple refilling and full compatibility
Only cartridges in good condition can be refilled. If a cartridge is already spoiled, then no refill kit would be able to help. Please ensure that your cartridges are in good printing condition before you refill. Its advisable to refill when the cartridge is still printing. Refilling won’t help if the cartridge is lying empty and unused for quite some time
This is a compatible product. Premium Quality Refill Ink Specially Developed for Compatibility in HP Cartridges.
Contents: 300ml Ink(75ml x 4 Color CMYK), 4 Syringes (5ml), Gloves Instructions Manual (Multicolored with images and QR Code for Video Links)


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